CTF & Conferences — n7, Toulouse, France cfp — 21 — 20 — 19 — 18 — 17 — talks


March 9th & 10th, 2018
See you next year!Schedule
 9h-10h Welcoming
Coffee & croissants
10h-    Training starts
Discover & practice
10h-12h Morning talks
Keynote & Invited talk
12h-14h Lunch
Social event & buffet
14h-18h Evening talks
Coffee break included
   -18h Training ends
Last session at 17h
18h-20h Workshop
Cocktail & thc17 write-ups
20h-8h  Capture The Flag
Up to 5 pers. per team
20h-0h  radare2 training
Featuring pancake
 8h-9h  Breakfast
Prizepool ceremony
/ Talks
(fr) Sébastien Larinier tw gh
When the malwares are in the headlines
(en) Tim Blazytko hp tw gh dp
Breaking state-of-the-art binary code obfuscation
(fr) Nicolas Sériot hp tw gh
JSON parsing considered harmful
(fr) Pascal Cotret hp tw gh dp
Monitoring program execution (and more) on ARM processors
(fr) Charles Hubain hp tw gh dp
QBDI - A Dynamic Binary Instrumentation framework based on LLVM
(en) Edmond Locard tw gh
Don’t Feed Them After Midnight: Reverse-Engineering the Furby Connect
(en) Sergi Àlvarez hp tw gh
Learning radare2 in practice
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